Metlab Corporation was established in April 1968 by its CEO, William J. Gancher, in Niagara Falls, New York. The company specializes in equipment relating to the metallurgical industry with emphasis on materialographic equipment and related consumable supplies. Products include a complete range of materialographic equipment including abrasive cut-off machines, mounting presses, and grinding and polishing machines. Consumable supplies include compression molding powders, cold mounting systems, abrasive grinding papers, diamond compounds, diamond suspensions, and an extensive range of polishing compounds and polishing cloths. 

Other products we offer include new and used hardness testers for Brinell, Rockwell, macro, and micro hardness, along with certified hardness test blocks and diamond indenters for use with all of the above. Since its inception, Metlab Corporation has marketed equipment manufactured by Blacks Equipment Limited (UK). Their Charpy Notch Broaching Machines, motor and hand operated models, are used in the metal industry to produce "V" or "U" notches in Charpy/Izod impact test specimens. A machine to produce the 10mm square impact test pieces has also now been made available to the market. We also market a comprehensive range of microscopes and accessories including stereoscopes, metallurgical microscopes, metallography, and video monitoring equipment to satisfy our customer requirements.

Through the years, Metlab has received many awards for service to our customers and the community in which we operate. We are very proud to have received several recognitions for vendor quality and outstanding service. Knowledge and experience are the keys to success in many businesses, and ours is not an exception. In order to keep up with the technology of today and the future, we constantly update our product line to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our staff has education and experience in metallurgical engineering, materials sciences, aerospace, nuclear, foundry, and metal fabrication industries. We have also kept our skills fine tuned through our membership in the Buffalo Chapter of the American Society for Metals and IMS (International Metallographic Society).

For those of you whom are currently customers of ours, we thank you for your dedication to our company. For those of you looking into our products and services, we challenge you to find a company that is more dedicated to the work they do and the customers they serve.