Terms and Conditions of Sale

Metlab Corporation is herein referred to as the "Seller" and any vendor making a purchase for goods or services is herein referred to as the "Buyer". These terms and conditions of sale are exclusive to Metlab and any customer receiving a quotation, making a purchase, or obtaining any other article/document with specific reference to Metlab. Metlab will reject any other terms placed upon them by the Buyer unless specific arrangements are made and agreed upon by the two parties.

Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date they were issued. Prices are subject to change at the expense of the Buyer. Metlab is not entitled to supply any products or services without giving acknowledgement of the Buyer’s order.

Metlab offers payment terms of “Net 30 Days Upon Credit”. If the Buyer’s terms are valid, they will have 30 days to make payment after Metlab’s issuance of an invoice unless exclusive terms have been previously set in place. All prices online are shown in $USD. These prices are subject to change and do not include final shipping/handling fees, taxes, or duties. Metlab will accept either $USD or $CAD upon request. Currency terms must be set up with Metlab before the purchase of any goods or services.

Metlab will approve the credit of each Buyer, subject to their own judgement. If Metlab determines that a Buyer holds an insufficient financial position, they reserve the right to cancel any shipments and decline the acceptance of any future purchase orders.

The Buyer is not subject to change any terms of a purchase order (pricing, shipping, cancellation, etc.) after Metlab has acted on it unless exclusive arrangements have been agreed upon. Metlab is subject to cancel the shipment on any purchase order if timely notice is provided to the Buyer. In this case, credit or a refund may be offered based on the factors of the situation.

Metlab uses UPS and FedEx as their main shipping outlets. Overseas shipments are delivered by sea or air. Delivery times are subject to the Buyer’s geographical location with respect to Metlab’s distribution outlet in Niagara Falls, New York and time/date the order was placed. Metlab will bill for shipping, handling, and freight fees, subject to the terms set up with the Buyer. Metlab is responsible for any goods shipped until they are in the possession of the Buyer. Any lost or damaged goods must be reported to Metlab by the Buyer immediately upon delivery. After receiving the shipment, the Buyer will be liable for any damages, loss, or misuse of products. Metlab is not responsible for any damage or loss of products by a third party during transit (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and any claims by the Buyer should be taken up directly with the third party.

A 2-year warranty is offered on all equipment purchased through Metlab. Terms of the warranty include Metlab servicing the equipment and incurring expenses on replacement parts and general maintenance. Metlab will only incur expenses they deem reasonable. This is determined under the sole jurisdiction of Metlab.

Product use is completely up to the Buyer. Metlab is not responsible for any products after the terms of purchase and delivery have been completed. At this point, the Buyer assumes all liability and risk to any injuries, damages, or misuse of the product. Whatever the Buyer chooses to do with their product after delivery is completely under their own jurisdiction.

Metlab is the owner of all intellectual property distributed through goods, services, marketing, website, or any other outlet to Buyers and external vendors. This includes, but is not limited to: trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. This is for the purpose of protecting functional aspects, ornamental features, brand, work of authorship, and information. The Buyer simply has limited rights to use Metlab’s goods and services purchased for their own consumption. The Buyer is not to use Metlab’s name as part of their own in any manner related to their own business name or practices unless expressed through the written consent of Metlab.

The Buyer is subject to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, compliances, obligations, regulations, and rules. This also includes regulations on importing/exporting.